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The BOT administrative office in Oklahoma City provides administrative, training and licensing functions for the statewide programs assigned to the agency.  We are staffed by skilled, educated, capable and caring professionals who are committed to creating the most reliable and valid program possible.


Joshua Smith

David Barnett
Ignition Interlock Program Administrator

David Cravens
Training Program Administrator

Jordan Miller
Business Services Coordinator

Christopher Pape
Breath Alcohol Testing Program Administrator

Magan Sloan
Ignition Interlock Assistance Representative

Board of Tests for Alchohol and Drug Influence

3600 N. Martin Luther King Avenue, Building 9
Oklahoma City, OK 73111

P.O. Box 36307
Oklahoma City, OK 73136-2307

Phone: 405.425.2460
Fax: 405.425.2490

Last Modified on Aug 02, 2022
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