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Archive of Institutions

These reports are based on information obtained from department records, Oklahoma Department of Libraries, Oklahoma Secretary of State and memos from FDIC, Federal Reserve, and FFIEC (Federal Financial Institution Examination Council).

Abbreviations used in historical reports

BK: Bank
CU: Credit Union
I.T.: Indian Territory
F.A.: Federal Association
FCU: Federal Credit Union
FSB: Federal Savings Bank

FSLA:  Federal Savings & Loan Association
N.A.:    National Association
NAT'L: National
OCC:   Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
O.T:     Oklahoma Territory

OTS: Office of Thrift Supervision
P&A or P/A: Purchase & Assumption
RTC: Resolution Trust Corporation
ST: State
TR: Trust

RTC - Resolution Trust Corporation operated from 1989 to 1995. RTC main purpose was to liquidate failed Savings & Loans Associations assets. All records were transferred to the FDIC.

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