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Enhancing Human Services efficiency with agencywide laptop refresh

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

By Destiny Washington and Christa Helfrey

Technology is meant to improve and enhance how citizens receive state services. However, outdated devices can make jobs more difficult and resolutions longer to achieve. To best serve Oklahomans, state agencies need technology that runs efficiently, consistently and at the standard where the support and work being done are optimized for the intended use. This is the main reason the Office of Management and Enterprise Services is working with the Oklahoma Human Services agency to upgrade all old laptops to newly configured devices through a state-mandated refresh cycle.

This initiative is critical to ensure systems adhere to state standards so that citizens who utilize the many different support services OHS provides can get the help they need.

The goal is to have 6,682 OHS devices efficiently deployed to employees. Starting in June 2023, OMES Information Services has been helping with the deployment and reverse logistics process.

The process includes OMES technicians working directly with OHS employees on a scheduled basis to turn in old devices and receive refreshed ones. The OMES Asset Management team has also been helping by working with OHS to ensure devices are ready to be deployed and that old devices are being returned expeditiously. 

Making this process run smoothly has been a combined and unified effort between OMES and OHS from planning stages through implementation. Involved are project managers, directors, supervisors, managers and technicians. Coordinators from both agencies have played a huge role in making this a success. 

"I  appreciate all the hard work,” said an OHS employee. “The process was smooth. I understand the expectations, I did not have to wait and each person I spoke with was very friendly. Overall, went very well and efficiently and the laptop is working great.”

As part of this project, an estimated $380,000 in savings annually is expected due to right-sizing devices and consolidating devices where possible. Additionally, this new process will foster a better citizen interaction due to reduced hardware-related delays.

“We have looked at anecdotal processes that worked in the past and also things that didn’t and tried to remain open to new approaches and feedback to pivot and adjust, when necessary,” said OMES Director of End User Services Jalen Byford. “We have adopted some principles in an agile project design as well.”

The targeted completion date is January 2024. The refresh process will occur again in three fiscal years to accomplish the same goals. 

Last Modified on Aug 22, 2023
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