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Program Management team updates for efficiency — EPMO 2.0

By Carissa Terry
Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Over the past 18 months, the Enterprise Program Management Office from OMES Information Services drastically reduced the red tape that was often synonymous with completing state technology projects.

Shifting to a leaner, more empowered EPMO “2.0” the team, comprised of industry-standard certified experts, focused on eliminating processes that added no value and ramped up transparency.

Progress with this new vision of less bureaucracy and more enablement included reducing paperwork on IT projects by 82% and cutting processes on 73% of software and licensing requests.

With a laser-focus the following additional improvements were made:

  • Increased efficiency. Reduced requirements for documentation by 78% and audits by 67%.
  • Improved transparency. Automated and increased consistency of status reports by 60%
  • Created right work, right time focus. Improved overall project performance by 43% and increased project completion by 53%.

With all this transformation, the team now spends more time on business goals for agency and affiliate customers. In short — EPMO “2.0” gets more stuff done.

And they are not done yet. Be watching for the move to EPMO “3.0.”

Improvements will include an overhaul of the statement of work process, new ways to engage with the team, and a dashboard showcasing 100% real-time visibility into all technology projects.

The EPMO 2.0 team gets it. IT projects are complex and ever changing. Improving customers’ experience with standards of efficiency, transparency, collaboration and right work, right time will help for the future success of all technology projects and their impact on Oklahomans.

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Last Modified on Jan 13, 2022