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Governor Stitt Finalizes Compacts

Monday, January 22, 2024

Today, Governor Stitt announced the finalization of compacts with two tribes in Oklahoma.

"We now have fully executed tobacco compacts with both the Chickasaw and the Apache tribes that maintain jurisdictional continuity in Oklahoma," said Governor Stitt. "We also finalized a car tag compact with the Chickasaw tribe that ensures Oklahoma law enforcement can confidently identify vehicles on the road and guarantees that our turnpikes can read tribal tags. For the safety of all law enforcement, and for tag compacts to be workable, the state must have uninhibited, up-to-date access to driver registration information, and this agreement ensures that."

"While I’m glad we could come to an agreement on these compacts, I still believe there is work to be done to ensure we are not further eroding Oklahoma’s revenue base in order to continue to provide public services to people across the state," Governor Stitt added. "I continue to welcome other federally recognized tribes in Oklahoma to engage with my office in the compacting process."

The 10-year tobacco compacts negotiated and entered pursuant to the Governor’s exclusive legal authority include the following material provisions:

  • A 50/50 split between the state and tribal governments on tobacco sales from tribal smoke shops on trust land.
  • A jurisdictional definition that is limited to tribal trust land and restricted allotments in alignment with the historical understanding of Indian Country in these tax compacts.
  • Express preservation of legal rights regarding jurisdictional or other matters arising outside the limited compact jurisdiction.

The 10-year motor vehicle tag and registration compact negotiated and entered pursuant to the Governor’s exclusive constitutional and statutory authority includes the following material provisions:

  • Oklahoma will continue to print Chickasaw plates and collect driver information for each tag, ensuring accessibility for law enforcement and public safety.
  • OTA will have access to driver information for the purposes of collecting tolls.
  • The state will remit a percentage of receipts associated with licensing, registration, renewal of registration, and payment of excise taxes.


The Apache tobacco compact can be read in full here.

The Chickasaw motor vehicle compact can be read in full here.

The Chickasaw tobacco compact can be read in full here.

Last Modified on Jan 22, 2024
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