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Goodbye Grocery Tax: Governor Stitt Signs State Grocery Tax Elimination Bill Into Law

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Today, surrounded by families, community leaders, and state legislators, Governor Kevin Stitt signed House Bill 1955 into law, eliminating the state portion of the grocery tax.

“Oklahomans have waited for this day for years, and I’m proud to be the Governor that Oklahomans chose to eliminate the state portion of the grocery tax,” said Governor Stitt. “I’ve called for tax cuts every year since I’ve been in office— and when we see such broad bipartisan support for a bill like this, we know we’re doing something right. I’m proud of Pro Tem Treat and Speaker McCall for their hard work and dedication to returning money to our fellow Oklahomans.”

Previously, Oklahoma was one of only thirteen states that imposed a state tax on groceries.

“Cutting the state portion of the grocery tax has been a priority of mine for several years,” said Pro Tem Treat. “I appreciate and applaud the governor for signing this important piece of legislation. Once it takes effect, it will begin to save Oklahomans hundreds of dollars per year at the grocery store. I also appreciate my Senate colleagues and our House counterparts who worked hard to deliver this for everyone.”

Taking effect in August, House Bill 1955 saw broad bipartisan support in both legislative chambers.

“I would like to thank my colleagues in the House for their tireless work over the past three years, passing multiple tax cut bills to try and help the citizens of our state. Their efforts have made today possible,” said Speaker McCall. “I would also like to thank Gov. Stitt for his leadership throughout this process and his unwavering support in cutting taxes. He has been an ally and vocal proponent of getting tax relief legislation to his desk, and I am glad we finally got this across the finish line. Our work is not done as we seek to give tax relief to hardworking Oklahomans. The House is continuing to pass meaningful tax relief legislation, and we hope our Senate counterparts will bring it up for a vote on behalf of their constituents. As we have seen, if you bring it up for a vote, it will pass and benefit all the citizens of our state.”

The press conference can be re-watched in full here. Photos from the press conference, courtesy of the Governor's Office, can be found here.

Last Modified on Feb 28, 2024
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