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Governor Stitt Declares November as Family Month, Launches Month-Long Pro-Family Campaign

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Governor Kevin Stitt held a ceremonial proclamation signing today to declare the month of November as Family Month in the State of Oklahoma. The launch dedicates November to celebrating families, fostering unbreakable bonds, and championing core family values through social media, strategic partnerships, and community engagement.

"Families are the very foundation upon which we build our lives," said Governor Stitt. "For Family Month, we recognize that families shape our values, nurture our dreams, and stand by us through thick and thin. As Governor, I am committed to uplifting Oklahoma families, and I believe that in doing so, we will see a positive shift in the direction of our state, and by extension, our nation."

For Family Month, the Department of Tourism is offering free admission and waived parking fees at select state parks during the weekend before and after the Thanksgiving holiday to encourage families to travel together during November. Oklahoma families can make memories at 6 participating parks: Thunderbird Park, Forrest Mountain, Robbers Cave, Lake Murray, Lake Wister, and Sequoyah State Park.

"Tourism is Oklahoma’s third largest industry – and it’s because tourism is powered by families,” said Shelley Zumwalt, the Executive Director of the Department of Tourism. "If your priority is family, there’s no better place to be than Oklahoma. I am proud to partner with Governor Stitt’s Office to offer free admission and waived parking fees at select parks across Oklahoma. This month, bring out your family and let’s enjoy Oklahoma together."

The Oklahoma Restaurant Association is partnering with the Governor’s Office to encourage families to share a meal together by offering discounts at select restaurants during November. Families who visit participating restaurants during Family Month can enjoy family discounts, free meals for kids, and more. More details regarding participating restaurants and deals will be announced in the coming days.

"There is no better place to make memories with family than the dinner table at Oklahoma Restaurants," said James Leewright, CEO of the Oklahoma Restaurant Association. "For Family Month, select restaurants across the state will offer discounted prices for families, free meals for kids, and more. I’m proud to join Governor Stitt in making Oklahoma the most pro-family state while providing families a warm haven for meal time."

Marquess Dennis, CEO of Birthright Living Legacy in Tulsa, and Wes Nofire, Governor Stitt’s Native American Liaison, also spoke about the importance of fatherhood and tribal families respectively.

"As we celebrate Family Month in Oklahoma, Birthright Living Legacy and communities across the state remember the importance of having strong fathers in the home and the impact they have on a child’s development," Dennis said. "As we partner with Governor Stitt for Family Month, I’m honored to help spread awareness and advocate for strong fathers in our state."

"Families are sacred to all of us," Nofire said. "As Family Month overlaps with Native American Heritage Month, we are provided with a beautiful opportunity to appreciate the family heritages that are deeply rooted within our state. This month, we consider what it means to protect, preserve, and promote the families of Oklahoma."

Legislative attendees included Sen. Alvord, Sen. Stewart, Rep. Crosswhite-Hader, Rep. Lowe, Rep. Townley, Rep. West, and Rep. Conley.


Family Month Proclamation

Pictures from the Press Conference, Courtesy of the Governor's Office

Family Month Press Conference Video

Last Modified on Oct 31, 2023
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