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Governor Stitt Takes Action to Shrink Government, Improve Efficiency

Monday, May 08, 2023

Today, Governor Kevin Stitt signed three executive orders aimed at creating a leaner, more effective state government that delivers better services to Oklahomans.

"As a conservative, I believe in smaller government, so I am proud to sign these executive orders today to reduce the size of government and be better stewards of taxpayer dollars," said Governor Stitt.

Executive Order 2023-11 requires state agencies to conduct a thorough review of job positions created since March 2020 and provide a list to the newly createdSecretary of Operations and Government Efficiency by June 30, 2023. 

Executive Order 2023-12 states a moratorium shall remain in place on non-essential out-of-state travel for all state employees that is paid for by the State of Oklahoma and requires advance written notification for travel paid for by an entity other than the state.

Executive Order 2023-14 further reinitiates an aggressive push to downsize the state fleet by equipping all vehicles with an automatic vehicle locator.

The executive orders will take effect immediately and can be found here:  

Executive Order 2023-11

Executive Order 2023-12

Executive Order 2023-14

Last Modified on May 08, 2023
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