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Governor and First Lady Stitt, State Superintendent Walters Host Parent Power Rally

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Today, Governor Kevin Stitt, First Lady Sarah Stitt, and State Superintendent of Public Instruction Ryan Walters hosted the Parent Power Rally at the Oklahoma State Capitol. They were accompanied by community and school leaders as well as hundreds of parents and students from across the state advocating for education freedom in Oklahoma.

“Right now, the future of our state’s education is in our hands. Are we going to keep funding systems or are we going to start funding students?” said Gov. Stitt. “We know that not every kid learns the same, and they deserve the option to choose a school that best fits their unique needs, regardless of their economic status or background.”

“Our children are our future and our greatest investment,” said First Lady Sarah Stitt. “Who a child is born to or where they live should not affect the quality of their education.”

“No one knows better for their children than Oklahoma parents,” said Superintendent Walters. “We will deliver power to parents like never before, and every family will have the right to comprehensive school choice.”

Oklahoma parents joined in voicing their support for education freedom, sharing their personal experiences with Oklahoma’s education system:

“My message to the representatives and senators in this building is this: every parent deserves to have the opportunity to send their child to the best school for them like I did. Parents in Oklahoma need education freedom now,” said Blessing Omeke.

“The public school system failed our son, and not because teachers didn’t care. It is a top-down system that cares about the hierarchy and not the students and parents. That’s why we are here today— we should have the freedom to send Joshua to a school that meets his needs,” said Laura Robinson.

The executive director of Crossover Preparatory Academy Pastor Philip Abode shared testimony about the success of his school and the positive impact it has made on the North Tulsa community: “We need to pass school choice so more schools like Crossover Prep can be started all over the state.”

School and community leaders Superintendent of Santa South Schools Chris Brewster and Reverend Wade Moore also joined the rally and advocated on behalf of the movement; as well as Speaker Charles McCall and Representative Rhonda Baker.

Governor Stitt issued a proclamation making today Education Freedom Day. It can be found here.

Last Modified on Mar 30, 2023
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