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Governor Stitt Allows FY24 Budget Into Law Without Signature, Subject to Objections

Friday, June 02, 2023

Today, Governor Kevin Stitt let the state budget for fiscal year 2024 go into law without his signature, subject to objections. The package included the general appropriations bill, HB 1004x. The governor shared his reasoning in a message filed with the bill:

"Through House Bill 1004x, the legislature has spent 12.96 billion dollars in taxpayer money. The problem is that the legislature has relied upon one-time revenue to support recurring expenditures that exceed recurring revenues by roughly 220 million dollars. They have also drawn down the State’s savings from about 6.2 billion dollars to 4.2 billion dollars. Because this approach is neither sustainable nor fiscally wise, I have not signed House Bill 1004x. Nevertheless, subject to objections to the unique process by which the Bill made its way to my desk, the Bill will become law without signature."

Last Modified on Jun 02, 2023
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