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Governor Stitt, State Department of Health Celebrate Launch of Pro-Women, Pro-Life Resources

Thursday, July 06, 2023

Today, Governor Stitt and the Oklahoma State Department of Health are celebrating the launch of the state's new comprehensive pregnancy resources website, designed to provide essential support and information to expecting mothers, parents, and families.

"A child is a gift from God, but a pregnancy can be a confusing and trying time without support. The launch of this incredible resource is a reflection of our commitment to uplift and empower expectant mothers across Oklahoma," said Governor Stitt. "By consolidating all of this essential information and assistance into one convenient platform, we're hoping to strengthen the support system that every mom and family deserves."

"Our vision is to lead Oklahoma to prosperity through health," said Commissioner of Health Keith Reed. "That starts at the beginning of life. We want to and need to be a resource for pregnant women in our communities as they navigate bringing a newborn baby into the world. The collaboration between state agencies and community partners on centralizing support information for Oklahoma families is critical to helping meet their needs before, during and after birth."

"Providing a central access point to crucial resources upholds the commitment made to Oklahoma mothers. Acknowledging the needs of moms and families and making resources easily accessible across our great state reiterates the unified approach to this commitment," said Juli Merciez, Chair of the HELP Task Force. "Our recommendation and expectation from the HELP Task Force is to get these resources to those who need it from one platform that's easiest to access begins here."

The website conveniently gathers resources for expectant parents. It offers a wide range of resources on pregnancy, parenting, adoption, and financial assistance, ensuring individuals can easily access the support they need during a transformative time in life. The website aims to empower expectant mothers and their families by equipping them with resources ranging from prenatal care to postpartum support.

These resources can be found at

Last Modified on Jul 06, 2023
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