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Governor Stitt Forms One Oklahoma Task Force to Confront the Continued Impact of McGirt

Friday, December 22, 2023

Today, Governor Stitt signed Executive Order 2023-32, creating the One Oklahoma Task Force to provide the Governor, Legislature, Tribal leaders, and congressional delegation with legislative and regulatory recommendations as we continue to feel the impacts of the McGirt decision.

“The primary function of government is to protect public safety, and the McGirt decision has created confusion and tension among those that work to serve that function,” said Governor Stitt. “By gathering stakeholders from every corner of our state, we can address the real jurisdictional challenges left by McGirt and usher in lasting change. The State of Oklahoma, Tribal governments, and our citizens deserve clarity.”

The One Oklahoma Task Force will develop and submit a report that contains:

  1. Legislative and regulatory recommendations to address the effects of the McGirt decision;
  2. Uniform cross-deputization and jail agreements; and
  3. Any other recommendations relevant to the speedy resolution of the broken system created by the McGirt decision.

The creation of the Task Force comes days after a jurisdictional dispute between an Okmulgee County jail employee and a Muscogee Creek tribal police officer. Jurisdictional ambiguity in the wake of the McGirt decision continues to cripple the state’s ability to keep Oklahomans safe.

The One Oklahoma Task Force will be comprised of:

  1. The Secretary of Public Safety;
  2. The Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives or designee;
  3. The President Pro Tempore of the Oklahoma Senate or designee;
  4. The Attorney General or designee;
  5. An appointee by the District Attorneys Council;
  6. One member of a county jail trust appointed by the Secretary of Public Safety;
  7. An appointee by the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association;
  8. An appointee by the Department of Public Safety;
  9. An appointee by the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation;
  10. An appointee by the Council on Law Enforcement Training;
  11. An appointee by the Oklahoma State Fraternal Order of Police;
  12. One member representing Oklahoma’s Five Civilized Tribes; and
  13. One member representing Oklahoma’s other thirty-three tribes.

Executive Order 2023-32 can be read in full here.

Last Modified on Dec 22, 2023
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