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Governor Stitt Restructures Executive Cabinet to Adjust to Oklahoma's Top Challenges

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Today, Governor Kevin Stitt issued the following statement after restructuring the Executive Cabinet by Executive Order-2023-08:

“I’m very excited about our new cabinet structure. We are always learning more and trying to improve how we run state government and I believe our cabinet structure should reflect our state’s changing needs.

“I continually hear concerns from across the state as to what we are doing to build up our workforce, so I am looking forward to appointing a new Secretary of Workforce who will be focused specifically on workforce issues. This distinct effort, in addition to working with the Secretary of Commerce, will be critical in our vision to make Oklahoma the most business-friendly state in the nation.

“As governor, I believe in less taxes and smaller government. Creating a Secretary of Operations and Government Efficiency is a targeted effort to ensure my administration stays focused on shrinking the size of government and providing the most efficient services for the taxpayer. Within just weeks of my executive order on reducing the state vehicle fleet, we have saved taxpayers an estimated $2.8 million annually. I know there are more ways to save taxpayer money throughout state government and I look forward to taking additional action with this new cabinet position.

“As a former CEO, my vision is for cabinet secretaries to act as CEOs over their respective agencies, boards, and commissions, which means that these individuals are looking at the big picture and holding their agencies accountable. This new structure reflects our thoughtful approach and will help make Oklahoma a Top Ten state.”

Notable changes in the executive order include:

  • Creation of the Secretary of Operations and Government Efficiency
  • Creation of the Secretary of Workforce Development
  • Elimination of the Secretary of Science and Innovation

Pursuant to state statute, the cabinet system can consist of no more than 15 cabinet areas.

State Chief Operating Officer John Suter will assume the position of Secretary of Operations and Government Efficiency.

The Secretary of Workforce Development will be formally announced following the recommendation of the Governor’s Workforce Transformation Task Force.

The executive order can be read in full here.

Last Modified on Apr 11, 2023
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