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Governor Stitt Responds to Joe Biden's Failed Energy Policies

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Governor Kevin Stitt released the following response to President Joe Biden’s proposal for a three-month federal gas tax holiday:

“The astronomical prices at the pump are a direct result from President Biden’s failed energy policies. From Day One this president has followed a liberal fantasy playbook that neglects the realities of American consumers while demonizing American oil and gas, which is among the most efficient and responsibly produced in the world. Rather than unleash domestic energy production, President Biden has prohibited drilling on federal lands, made it impossible through burdensome regulations to construct pipelines and other needed infrastructure, and then begs our enemies to produce more oil.

“His proposal to now enact short-term gas tax holiday will do little to solve the problem while defunding the Highway Trust Fund and threaten infrastructure investments and road safety. This is not a serious proposal.

“Rather than short-term fixes, President Biden should follow Oklahoma’s lead and invest in an innovative approach to energy that includes oil and natural gas as well as renewables like wind, solar and hydrogen. Oklahoma is ranked fourth in the nation for natural gas production, sixth for oil, and second in wind energy production. We have also reduced our carbon dioxide emissions from the power sector by three times the national average as measured against the 2005 benchmark used by the Biden administration. Our approach is why Oklahoma has some of the most affordable and reliable electricity in the nation.

“If President Biden really wants to help lower energy costs for Americans, he should stop following the socialist Democrats’ energy playbook and start following Oklahoma’s.”

Last Modified on Jun 22, 2022
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