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Governor Stitt Slams Biden's Disastrous Spending Bill, Calls for Action on State Tax Reform

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Governor Kevin Stitt responded to President Joe Biden and the Democrats’ disastrous $740 billion spending bill:

“While American families struggle to make ends meet, Joe Biden and the Democrats in Washington are celebrating their latest spending scam to raise taxes on the middle class and manufacturers, beef up the IRS by 87,000 new agents to harass families and small business owners, punish oil and natural gas producers, and waste over $380 billion in a futile attempt to solve the energy crisis President Biden created.

“Now is the time for state government to step up and do what we can to counteract this insanity and protect the Oklahoma taxpayer. I am calling for action to provide Oklahomans with desperately-needed relief: a personal income tax cut and eliminating the regressive state grocery tax.”

Last Modified on Aug 09, 2022
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