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Governor Stitt Addresses President Biden's Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Governor Kevin Stitt addresses President Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate in a video today.

Full transcript:

I’ve heard from many Oklahomans who have concerns about President Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses.

I want to address those directly.

This action is not just federal overreach.

It’s unconstitutional.

I’ve talked about this with our Attorney General, John O’Connor.

And I know he’s on our side.

He’s ready to take President Biden to court the second the rules are made public.

President Biden’s administration has no respect for individual freedoms.

I cannot believe we have a president who wants to force Americans to choose between a vaccine and their job.

The people this is affecting aren’t just statistics.

They’re real Oklahomans with real concerns.

They’re brave nurses and caretakers.

They’re expecting mothers and fathers.

They’re first responders and brave law enforcement.

Getting the vaccine is a personal choice. Period.

Listen, I got the vaccine after talking with my doctor – because that was best for me.

Many are choosing to do the same.

In fact, over 71% of Oklahomans 18+ have chosen to get the vaccine.

And among our most vulnerable population, Oklahomans 65 and older, 93% have made the decision to receive the vaccine.

We know the COVID vaccine is our best defense against severe illness.

But static, one-size-fits all mandates simply do not fit the reality we are in today.

In Oklahoma cases and hospitalizations are down nearly 50%.

As this virus evolves, so does the science and the treatments available, including natural immunity.

That is one reason why, as I have stated before:

I don’t believe it’s the government’s job to dictate policies to private companies.

Just as I believe Joe Biden can’t tell businesses they have to mandate a vaccine –

I don’t believe the government should tell a company they can’t.

Businesses should have the freedom to make decisions based on their circumstances.

When the government starts to pick winners and losers, we’re headed down a slippery slope.

I’ve heard from thousands of employees across the state who feel they’ve been dealt an unfair hand.

I’ve heard from pregnant, soon-to-be mothers who are faced with an impossible choice: Get the vaccine or lose your job.

I ran a business before I became Governor.

And I can’t understand putting my employees - my friends – in that position.

Companies should allow exemptions for religious, medical, or personal reasons.

Let’s put Oklahoma common sense before DC politics.

We live in the greatest country in the world.

Where our Constitution protects individual freedoms.

And as your Governor I will always stand up for your Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.

Thank you.

God bless you.

And God bless the great state of Oklahoma.

Last Modified on Oct 14, 2021
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