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Gov. Stitt Statement on Board Decision to Uphold Statute, Affirm Charter Schools are Public Schools

Monday, March 29, 2021

Governor Kevin Stitt released the following statement in response to the State Board of Education’s decision last week to settle a nearly 4-year-old lawsuit with the Oklahoma Charter School Association:

“I commend the State Board of Education for its lawful decision to uphold current statute and affirm that charter schools are public schools.

“This decision is the right one for Oklahoma students. The COVID pandemic has shown us that students learn in a variety of different ways and there is no one-size-fits-all school for every student. Public school students should not be punished for succeeding in a charter school setting. Further, existing statute makes clear that charter schools are eligible for local revenues.

“The State Board’s decision is a lawful solution to a problem that has existed for years and predates my time as governor. But let me be clear: I was hired to bring a fresh set of eyes to all areas of government, including, and perhaps most importantly, the way we educate future generations. Oklahoma’s 40+ year stagnant approach is not working. Being ranked among the bottom five states in the nation for education is unacceptable to me and I know it’s unacceptable to Oklahomans, so I will do everything I can to ensure Oklahoma becomes a Top Ten state in education and that includes supporting all public school students in the same way.”

Last Modified on Aug 13, 2021
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