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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Oklahoma City, Okla. (Dec. 13, 2018) – Governor-elect Kevin Stitt announced today his nomination of Blayne Arthur as the next Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture, a position that will require State Senate confirmation.

“Blayne Arthur is a deeply respected leader in Oklahoma agriculture, known for her excellence in public service, her entrepreneurial spirit, and her passion mentoring youth,” said Stitt. “As Secretary of Agriculture, Blayne will play a critical role in Oklahoma’s Turnaround by providing sound policy counsel to advance rural Oklahoma and in listening to and building consensus among our state’s diverse community of farmers and ranchers. I look forward to working with Blayne as our administration seeks to expand commerce and make hard decisions to set Oklahoma’s next generation up for tremendous success.”

Blayne Arthur currently serves as the Executive Director of the Oklahoma 4-H Foundation. Prior to her time at the foundation, Arthur worked for the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry for 8 years and served as Deputy Commissioner from 2012 to 2016. Alongside her husband and two young children, Arthur also runs a farm and family business, providing show cattle for young future farmers and ranchers involved in 4-H and FFA.

Arthur is an active member of agriculture organizations, including the Oklahoma Farm Bureau, Diamond Hats, Oklahoma Beef Council, National Cattlemen’s Beef Board, Oklahoma Agriculture Leadership Encounter, OSU Agriculture Dean’s Advisory Council, Ponies of the Americas, and the American Quarter Horse Association. She has received many awards and recognitions, including the 2016 Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association Distinguished Service Award, the Oklahoma Agricultural Leadership Program Class XV, the 2014 Oklahoma Agricultural Woman of the Year award, and was named as an honoree of the Journal Record 2011 Achievers Under 40.

Upon confirmation, Arthur will become the first woman in Oklahoma to serve as Secretary of Agriculture.

“I am pleased to endorse Blayne Arthur as Oklahoma’s next Secretary of Agriculture. She has proven to be a powerhouse in the agriculture industry, benefiting the state of Oklahoma through her passion and extensive experience. As we move into the new legislative session, we look forward to fostering a positive relationship and working with Blayne on Agriculture policy in order to improve and grow Oklahoma together.”

– Speaker Charles McCall, Oklahoma Speaker of the House

“I have known Ms. Blayne Arthur for almost ten years in her role as Deputy Commissioner and then as Executive Director of 4-H. Due to her prior work experiences, Ms. Arthur already has established a national reputation for representing the best interests of Oklahoma’s farmers and farm community. Ms. Arthur brings a personal passion as a solid advocate for her state’s agriculture industry. As the incoming Secretary of Agriculture, she will, like her peers across other state‘s Departments of Agriculture, play a critical role in her state’s ongoing partnership with USDA to advance sound public policy as well as innovative solutions for the economic development of rural America.”

– Ray A. Starling, chief of staff to United States Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, USDA 

“Blayne Arthur is a phenomenal choice for Oklahoma Secretary of Agriculture, as her expertise and experience are unmatched. She brings wisdom from her time as deputy commissioner of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and energy and passion as executive director of the Oklahoma 4-H Foundation. She’s spent years working with the industry and supports its future by investing in young leaders. I look forward to collaborating with Blayne as a fellow female leader in agriculture and an individual who takes advocating for agriculture to heart.”

– Dr. Barb Glenn, CEO of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture

“Blayne is a remarkable person. She has integrity. It is rare to find someone as credible and knowledgeable as Blayne is. That’s not just me talking. If you go around the state you will find people all around who support her. She has a desire to serve people, a desire to make things better, a desire to improve things in rural Oklahoma, and a desire to further Oklahoma’s agriculture and food industries.”

— Dr. Thomas Coon, vice president, dean and director of the Oklahoma State University Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources 

“Oklahoma Farm Bureau is excited to support Blayne Arthur selection as the new Secretary of Agriculture. She is well known and already proven in agriculture circles due to her prior service as Deputy Commissioner of the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry and her current service as the executive director of 4-H.  She has already been very accessible, is a good listener and will be a champion for agriculture in rural Oklahoma.” 

– Rodd Moesel, president of the Oklahoma Farm Bureau

“I have worked with Blayne Arthur for quite some time and I have never seen her be anything but excellent at what she attempted to do, and I look forward to working with her in the role of Secretary of Agriculture.”

– Terry Detrick, president American Farmers & Ranchers

“Governor elect Stitt has selected an outstanding candidate in Blayne Arthur to lead the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry as Secretary. Secretary nominee Arthur brings a wealth of experience, solid leadership and a tremendous passion for the success of Oklahoma agriculture. Oklahoma agriculture has been and will be benefitted greatly from her leadership. OCA is honored to fully endorse Secretary nominee Arthur and we look forward to working with her.” 

– Weston Givens, president of Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association

“I can think of no one better to encourage, inspire, and recruit the next generation of Oklahoma’s farmers and ranchers than Blayne Arthur. Her life-long dedication to Oklahoma agriculture as well as her genuine passion for Oklahoma’s youth is clear. Blayne has loyally served our state throughout her career, and I have no doubt her experience will help to further Oklahoma’s Turnaround.”

– Tyler Norvell, executive director of Oklahoma Youth Expo

“The turnaround for Oklahoma is on the right track with the appointment of Blayne Arthur for Secretary of Agriculture! Blayne is the perfect choice, raised by a farm family, deeply involved in agriculture-based youth education, and experienced in the role of the Department. She understands the importance of all segments of Oklahoma’s economy as it is influenced by Agriculture. I applaud Governor Stitt for recognizing Blayne is perfect for this job!” 

– Debbie Schauf, executive director of Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association

“Congratulations to Governor-elect Stitt on his outstanding choice for Secretary of Agriculture, BlayneArthur. She will do a fantastic job on behalf of all of Oklahoma’s agriculture interests. I and my organizations certainly look forward to working with her in her new position. Governor-elect Stitt could not have made a better choice.” 

– Joe Neal Hampton, president and CEO of the Oklahoma Grain and Feed Association and Oklahoma Agribusiness Retailers Association, and executive director of the Oklahoma Wheat Growers Association

“Mrs. Arthur has demonstrated a passion for agriculture and we know she’ll bring that passion every day. She has an understanding of all the services provided by the Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and the role of the Department in promoting agriculture and growing our rural economy. We look forward to working with Secretary Designate Arthur and Governor-Elect Stitt in the future.” 

– Roy Lee Lindsey, executive director at Oklahoma Pork Council

“On behalf of Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives, it is an honor to endorse Blayne Arthur for the role of Secretary of Agriculture. Blayne has an unmatched commitment to her home state and to agriculture, displayed by her lifelong drive, passion and dedication to enhance and protect agricultural initiatives. As a friend of Oklahoma’s rural electric cooperatives, Blayne has acted as a loyal agricultural advocate, genuinely working on behalf of Oklahoma communities and their prosperity. I cannot think of anyone better qualified and more passionate for agriculture than Blayne.” 

– Chris Meyers, general manager and CEO at Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives

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