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Classification and Population

Clint Castleberry
Chief Administrator

The Classification and Population Unit is responsible for the administration of several units including: reception and assessment of all offenders sentenced to the agency from 77 counties through the Lexington Assessment and Reception Center, initial and reclassification of all inmates, population office, and all central transportation units located at three sites across the state. The administration area sets policy and procedure for the agency, bed space management, system count, monitoring and implementing legislative changes as they relate to classification and programs.

Office Units

Assessment and Reception of Inmates

Male inmates with felony convictions and sentenced by the courts to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) are received by the Assessment and Reception Center (A&R) located in Lexington, while female inmates are received by Mabel Bassett Correctional Center in McLoud. The seventy-seven counties schedule transportation to A&R.  

ODOC's philosophy is that inmate re-entry begins at entry. As such, inmates serving 100 years or less undergo a complete needs assessment to determine what treatment the inmate requires to reduce their probability of recidivism. Case plans are established utilizing objective assessments, to determine the need for substance abuse treatment, and/or cognitive behavioral programs. Inmates are also classified to maximum, medium, or minimum security. The inmate’s custody level is determined utilizing the most serious current offense, seriousness of previous offenses; escape risk, number of prior convictions, and additional risk factors. Placement of inmates at facilities is made to meet the agency’s mission of protecting the public, staff and inmates.

Population Office 

The Population Office is responsible for scheduling all inmate movement throughout ODOC, including contract facilities. In order for an inmate to move from one location to another, the facility must submit a transfer packet. The population staff is responsible to ensure the inmate is correctly classified and eligible for placement at the requested custody level and also balancing the need of the offender to move to lower levels of custody for reintegration purposes and maintaining the safety of the public.

Classification and Population

Main Line: 405-527-5676
Fax:            405-527-4101


Phone: 405-527-5676
Fax:      405-527-8163

Facility Classification

Phone: 405-527-5676

Mabel Bassett Assessment and Reception Center

Phone: 405-964-3020
Fax:      405-964-3014

Central Transportation Unit

The Central Transportation Unit (CTU) is responsible for transporting all inmates. Once inmates receive their initial classification at the A&R, they move to their initial placement. When inmates become eligible for lower levels of security, need additional structure at higher security, or need a program located elsewhere, this unit ensures the inmate is transported in a safe and secure manner.  

CTU has three sites located around the state- Lexington Assessment and Reception Center in Lexington, John Lilley Correctional Center in Boley, and the Jackie Brannon Correctional Center in McAlester. 

CTU is also responsible for the OU Medical Center and the Lindsay Municipal Hospital.

Central Transportation Unit

Phone: 405-527-5676

OU Medical Center 
DOC Security Unit
940 N.E. 13 St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73104-5039
Phone: 405-271-4457
Fax:      405-271-2608
Capt. Michael Howell

Lindsay Municipal Hospital 
DOC Security Unit
Highway 19 West
Lindsay, OK  73052
Phone: 405-527-9893
Fax:      405-527-9893
Capt. Michael Howell

Last Modified on Oct 18, 2023
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