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Physical Plant - 15

Policy Statement

Effective Date
Last Review Date
P-150100 06/01/2022 03/2022 Physical Plant Standards and Long-Range Plant Development for Correctional Facilities
P-150500 04/06/2022 01/2022 Eight Year, System-wide Capital Improvement Program

Operations Memoranda

Effective Date
Last Review Date
OP-150101 03/14/2022 12/2021 Physical Plant Development
OP-150202 01/31/2022 10/2021 Facility Construction Security Standards
OP-150203 10/22/2020 08/2019 Upkeep Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)
OP-150205 02/10/2022 10/2021 Capacities of Facilities
OP-150301 02/02/2022 10/2021 Resource Conservation and Recycling Plans
OP-150310 06/21/2022 02/2022 Hazard Communication Program
OP-150320 04/28/2022 12/2021 Confined Space Entry
OP-150330 01/31/2022 10/2021 Program for the Control of Hazardous Energy/Lockout and Tagout
OP-150340 01/18/2022 09/2021 Radiation Safety Program
OP-150402 12/12/2022 08/2022 Display of Flags
OP-150501 04/28/2022 12/2021 Tuberculosis Isolation Cell Infection Control
OP-150601 02/02/2022 10/2021 Tobacco Regulations
Last Modified on Dec 12, 2022
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