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Emergency Plans - 05

Policy Statements

Number effective date last review date title
P-050100 12/07/2022 07/2022 Emergency Plans for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Operations Memoranda

Number effective date last review date title
OP-050101 10/13/2022 06/2022 Procedures in the Event of Job Actions or Walkouts by Correctional Staff
OP-050102 05/27/2022 01/2022 Departmental and Facility Emergency Plans for Riots, Disturbances, Utility Failures and Major Disasters for State Operated Facilities
OP-050103 01/21/2022 09/2021 Escape Notification Procedures
OP-050105 (not web accessible) 12/01/2023 08/2022 Bomb Threats and Explosions
OP-050108 03/28/2022   Revision-01 Change on page 24
OP-050108 10/28/2021 02/2021 Use of Force Standards and Reportable Incidents
OP-050109 03/29/2022 12/2021 Reporting of Incidents
OP-050110 (not web accessible) 06/23/2022 02/2022 Radio Communications
OP-050111 07/01/2022 03/2022 State Emergency Operations
OP-050112 09/19/2023 09/2022 Procedures in the Event of a Protest
OP-050201 04/21/2022
02/2022 RAVE Communications System
OP-050401 11/09/2021
07/2021 Crisis Situations
OP-050402 03/25/2022 11/2021 Active Shooter
OP-050601 (not web accessible) 08/21/2023
09/2022 Unmanned Vehicles
OP-051001 (not web accessible) 10/25/2021 06/2021
Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT)
OP-052001 12/28/2021 08/2021 Emergency Procedures for Private Prisons
OP-053001 01/18/2022 09/2021 Community Corrections Emergency Plans for Riots, Disturbances, Utility Failures, and Major Disasters
Last Modified on Dec 01, 2023