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The Education Program is accredited by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and is staffed by state certified teachers. Literacy, Adult Basic Education (ABE), and high school equivalency programs are available to inmates with a need in primary education. Many students continue their education and obtain associate and bachelor degrees while incarcerated.


Substance Abuse Treatment (SAT) is a four-to-twelve month program designed for inmates determined by assessment to have a moderate-to-high need for substance abuse treatment. Interventions rely on a cognitive-behavioral approach to teach participants strategies for avoiding substance abuse. The program places heavy emphasis on skill-building activities to assist with cognitive, social, emotional, and coping skills development. Regimented Treatment Program (RTP) and Helping Women Recover (HWR) are included under Substance Abuse Treatment.


The Oklahoma Department of Corrections is committed to a positive partnership between the agency and its volunteers. This partnership plays a vital role in achieving the agency’s mission. Volunteer involvement enhances inmate programs and services, plays an important part in reentry efforts, provides additional resources, and creates opportunities for a greater public understanding of corrections and the challenges we face.

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Vocational programs allow inmates the opportunity to learn a skill prior to returning to society. A variety of technical training programs is available statewide at multiple sites and security levels. Please see  “Standards for Inmate Programs” for additional information.


Faith is a very important part of corrections.  

Religious Services - religious meetings that are primarily worship or religious education, such as bible studies. 

Faith-Based Programs - refers to programs offered by volunteers which address specific criminogenic issues such as cognitive behavior skills, family relationships or substance abuse from a faith prospective.

Religious Services Policy


The Oklahoma Department of Corrections cannot use state funds to purchase religious materials. If you would like to make a donation to support faith-based activities within the agency or help with other needs, please contact a facility chaplain/volunteer coordinator or the Agency Chaplain and Volunteer Services Administrator.

Leo Brown - Agency Chaplain  405-425-2529


Last Modified on Sep 08, 2023
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