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Tablets to be provided to incarcerated inmates in new partnership between Oklahoma Department of Corrections and Securus Technologies

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Devices Will Offer Incarcerated Individuals Access to Communications, Re-Entry and Educational Resources

Incarcerated individuals in Oklahoma Department of Corrections facilities will be provided access to tablets thanks to a new partnership between the Oklahoma Department of Corrections and Securus Technologies. Studies prove access to tablet technology plays a role in reducing recidivism, which is a major focus of ODOC. The program launched at the North Fork Correctional Center in Sayre with future plans to be fully rolled out to every ODOC facility by October 2021.

The tablets provide incarcerated individuals and their families additional methods of staying connected, allowing for authorized outbound phone calls. The tablets also offer access to media and recreation/ leisure services, access to Newsstand, and a suite of free educational, self –help reading and re-entry resources to help reduce recidivism. Many current facility processes or inmate requests may be accessed through the use of the tablets. The tablets are the latest model being offered by Securus Technologies featuring its updated operating system, Unity.

“Providing tablets at no cost to incarcerated individuals will create a more modern correctional environment and enhance operational efficiencies as well as keep our community as safe as possible by reducing recidivism,” said Scott Crow, Director of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections. “We are proud to offer technologies that advance efficiencies in our facilities, help individuals succeed once released and benefit the broader community alike.”

The tablets are uniquely designed for the correctional environment and are equipped with shatterproof glass, security screws and a double shield casing to prevent misuse. Additionally, the operating system is built to function through a closed infrastructure, meaning that incarcerated individuals can only connect to a secure and private network that only allows access to functions approved by the facility. Securus tablets also come with proprietary software that takes specific measures to prevent misuse and detect any attempt at illicit behavior.

“Our tablet technology modernizes correctional facilities and prepares incarcerated individuals for re-entry by providing access to technology, offering more correctional tools, and providing free educational services,” said Dave Abel, President and CEO of Aventiv Technologies, parent company of Securus Technologies. “We are excited to offer our tablets to Oklahoma, and we are confident they will enrich the lives of incarcerated individuals while also creating a safer community overall.”

Each tablet has a seven-inch touchscreen with earbud headphones. The tablets provide up to 32GB of storage with a 13-hour battery life that can play up to 40 music hours and comes equipped with a 1280 x 800 screen. The technology monitors communications in real time and alerts correctional staff about potential attempts at misuse – a standard practice shared by all correctional facilities to improve overall security.



Last Modified on Jun 10, 2021