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Reality TV star supports prison program

Thursday, July 02, 2020

McLOUD, Okla. – Fans of reality TV will likely recognize the face. Chris Hammons has appeared on Amazing Race, Survivor – and was a Co-Captain on OU’s last national championship team in 2000.  

But today may be his greatest challenge yet. 

“I haven’t cried yet,” Hammons said. “But I may. I’m trying to hold it back.” 

Every week, dogs are brought to Mabel Bassett Correctional Center for obedience training. Hammons is dropping off Thor, a 150-pound pound English Mastiff puppy. 

“He’s a large puppy,” Hammons said. “We want to get ahead of it so when he gets to be 200 pounds, he listens.” 

The gentle giant is already right at home. 

He is, by far, the largest dog the “Guardian Angels” have ever trained. 

Thor will spend a couple months here, learning a variety of commands and basic obedience. 

Chris Hammons has faced his share of challenges and believes they build integrity. 

“I believe in these types of programs, not only for the dogs but for the people in the programs,” the former Sooner said. “We need more humanity for people like this and I think this is a great program.” 

Leaving his buddy behind is bittersweet but this former Sooner knows great things can come from sacrifice and adversity. 

“Maybe he’ll be able to pull the Sooner Schooner when he comes back,” Hammons chuckled. 

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