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Prison staffing bolstered by large class of cadets

Friday, January 17, 2020

WILSON, Okla. – They are a tapestry of age, gender, ethnicity and education – woven together by a strong thread of blue. New correctional officer Daniel Doyle said, “Six weeks at the Wilson Training Academy has been very eye opening. It’s taught me a lot about putting my trust into another person. That’s what being a CO is all about. Not only are you responsible for the staff and the inmates, you’re responsible for your fellow coworker.”

78 men and women comprise the first graduating class 0f 2020. Upon receiving their certificates, they will he assigned to nearly 2 dozen prisons across the state. Director Scott Crow told the cadets, “When you started, you were part of our family. And you are truly part of our officer ranks. We absolutely need you in your respective facilities. We are so thankful to have you as a part of our team.”

There are so many benefits to joining the DOC team. New correctional officer Renee’ Esters said, “I joined corrections because I liked the work. Good pay and great insurance.”

According to new correctional officer Jayme Bryant, “After getting out the military, I just loved the structure and the brotherhood.”

Billy Bridge added, “The oil field slowed down and I got tired of being away from home. This is a good stable job. My wife works at North Fork too.”

It is an esprit de corps – devoted to serving and protecting the great state of Oklahoma.

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