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Operation Gratitude recognizes dedicated ODOC employees

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

LEXINGTON, Okla. – When all you hear is criticism, even a whisper of kindness is a symphony to the ears.  

On this day – a semi load of gratitude, rolling into the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.  

This is a special delivery from “Operation Gratitude.” It’s a grassroots movement started after 9-11, to deliver care packages to all those who bravely serve.  

“It’s an organization that gets donations from all sorts of manufacturers, and distributed to first responders in these types of situations,” Samantha Pinero said.  

When the Covid pandemic hit, ODOC’s Employee Rights and Relations Unit began looking for ways to recognize the agency’s unsung heroes. 

This small but dedicated team worked diligently, thoughtfully – to organize and assemble 4,300 care pouches for each of DOC’s employees.   

This month, the care pouches and appreciation letters are being hand delivered to our hardworking staff.   

It’s kind of like getting your Christmas stocking early – filled to the brim with hygiene products, entertainment and snacks.  

“Everyone will enjoy the candy but it’s the thought that will matter to them the most,” MBCC Warden Aboutanaa Elhabti said.  

To the thousands of dedicated men and women, Director Scott Crow wanted to send a sincere thanks for doing their very best to keep our prisons and public safe.  

“Today is Employee Recognition Day so I wanted to pause and thank our staff for the service you provide to the state of Oklahoma and the Department of Corrections,” Director Scott Crow said. “I am so fortunate to work with this awesome team. As we work through this crisis, we will look for ways to make things better for you, the inmates and the overall work environment.”  

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