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Oklahoma suspends travel permits, retakings; reinstates compact transfers

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections (ODOC) has suspended all corrections compact transfers, travel permits and retakings starting immediately. This action will be re-evaluated daily, but is in effect until at least 4/1/20. 

ODOC also requests no travel permits be issued for travel to or from Oklahoma, except as part of a transfer or return previously approved. Anyone already in Oklahoma under approved reporting instructions may remain while the suspension is in place. 

The Oklahoma Interstate Compact Probation and Parole Offices are open and available to address any issues. 

As of April 10, processing of interstate transfer requests on a case by case basis has resumed. Each incoming and outgoing case will be scrutinized by the interstate compact office to determine if the request has merit to substantiate processing. Transfers requested for "reasons of convenience" will be denied by the interstate compact staff with the direction to submit after the COVID19 pandemic subsides.

Some of the offenders we will consider for transfer are: 

  • Offenders who may be required to go out of state for sentencing and would be denied the ability to return to their home if transfers were suspended. 
  • Offenders who due to the COVID19 pandemic, have lost their jobs and ability to support themselves. These offenders need to be given the option to transfer to live with family in order to avoid having to go to shelters or other community organizations for assistance. 
  • Offenders who are being released from incarceration could be left with no home and no support if not allowed to proceed to another state.

Travel permits and retakings are still suspended.

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