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ODOC staff continue stopping contraband despite pandemic emergency

Friday, April 17, 2020

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Department of Corrections security personnel have been working around the clock to fight the introduction and spread of COVID-19 inside its facilities, using best practices, screening and top-down sanitization to protect each other and inmates. But even during this time of a historic statewide emergency, agency staff are keeping contraband out, too. 

For example, since Friday, Clara Waters Community Corrections Center staff have stopped two major contraband drops, preventing dangerous drugs and other banned items from entering the Oklahoma City facility. 

It started around 1 p.m. Friday, when a CWCCC staff member found a package wrapped in electrical tape near fencing at the facility. CWCC is located at 9901 N. I-35 Service Road and home to 272 male inmates. 

Inside the package (shown at left), the staff member found marijuana, tobacco, cigarettes and cocaine, as well as other illegal materials. 

The second seizure took place early Tuesday morning. A sergeant at CWCCC saw a suspicious person on video walking near the grounds. 

The sergeant searched the area and found another package wrapped in electrical tape. Inside was a lighter and more marijuana, shown in the image at right.

“Contraband” is any item inmates cannot have inside a facility. Most trade in contraband on prison yards is run by gangs, and behind most violent incidents behind prison walls, which puts both staff and inmates at risk.

Taking place nearly every day, typical contraband seizures yield cellphones, tobacco, illegal drugs, alcohol and weapons. Bringing such items into a correctional facility is a felony.

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