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ODOC adds new weapon to covid-fighting arsenal

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – From the very beginning, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections had a plan to combat an unprecedented pandemic.  

“We have done an excellent job keeping Covid out,” said Jessica Brown, DOC Chief of Strategic Engagement.  

It begins with employees at the front door to every facility.  

“They come in and get their temperature checked,” LARC Warden Jeorld Braggs said. “And when they return to society they will hopefully keep those same practices with them.” 

With the recent uptick in Covid-19 cases across Oklahoma, it’s no surprise the virus is filtering into our facilities too. But we continue to be aggressive. 

“DOC has worked extremely hard to make sure our inmates are safe from this virus,” Brown said. “We have done everything humanly possible to make sure Covid-19 doesn’t get to our inmates.” 

And this gadget is our latest weapon in a growing arsenal. Recently, we deployed disinfecting foggers to each facility. 

These portable machines disperse a fine mist of powerful Tornado disinfectant. They can cover large spaces in only minutes. 

The foggers are being used between visitation sessions, inside cells of potentially sick inmates and areas where people gather. 

“We believe that has made a huge difference,” Brown said. 

It’s an on-going battle with an invisible enemy and the dedicated DOC is on the front lines. 

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