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Inmates write powerful thank you letters to ODOC volunteers

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

LEXINGTON, Okla. – In the echo of solitude, words can resonate. Well timed, they have the power to move hearts. “You never know who’s in need of a kind word,” inmate Javier Welch said. “And your words, spoken from the heart of God could be what it takes to start turning things around.”  

Recently, several churches and Prison Fellowship delivered care packages of kindness to Lexington Assessment and Reception Center. The bags contained candy, pen and notepad, and a life-giving message.   

“Most importantly, there is a note from DOC volunteers that basically says God loves you and you are not forgotten,” LARC Chaplain Ron Lindsey said.  

The timing could not have been any more perfect.  

“For an extended period of time, to be in a bathroom sized cell with another inmate, it would be easy to lose hopelessness,” one inmate said.   

Words and deeds may be free but never underestimate their value. For that, these 930 inmates are giving thanks.   

“The people who did this, their names will never be in the paper,” Javier Welch said. “They didn’t do it for a plaque or a certificate. They simply did it out of love and that’s what He calls us to do.”   

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