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Historic day at OSP as agency names first female Chief of Security

Friday, January 03, 2020

MCALESTER, Okla. – After 15 years, Christie Quick knows every inch of Oklahoma State Penitentiary. She said, “When my first day started, I was nervous. I was scared. It has just gone so fast. It’s been a blur.”

Quick’s employment at the Department of Corrections began in 2005 as a cadet. She worked her way of the ranks – everything from canine handler to Captain. And now, she has reached a historic point in her career. She just earned her Chief of Security pins becoming the first ever female to hold this position at OSP.  Director Scott Crow said, "Today is a historic day for this agency. Capt. Christie Quick was promoted to the rank of Chief of Security at Oklahoma State Penitentiary. Chief Quick is the first female chief of security in that prison's 112-year history and represents the best of this agency's time-honored commitment to protecting the public. We are proud of her 15 years of service with the department and have high hopes for her future here."  

Christie’s entire career has been spent right here. Her loyalty and leadership made her an easy selection to fill the vacancy. Warden Tommy Sharp said, “We all go to the academy as a cadet and we see chiefs and wardens and captains and we never believe that can be us going through the academy. Be a dedicated employee and you can be anything in this department.” Christie was flanked by her family, including her father – a DOC employee of 18 years as she received her promotion. Quick appreciates the opportunity. She said, “This is such an accomplishment. It sends out a great message to other staff and the public. He first female Chief of Security at OSP is amazing.” 

And Christie Quick is excited to see where her career path leads next. Like these corridors, the possibilities seem endless. “Warden, Director – you never know. The sky is the limit.”  

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