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Enid Probation and Parole officers save suicidal client

Saturday, July 25, 2020

ENID, Okla. – The star on the front door would suggest law enforcement. But the employees of Probation and Parole are so much more than that.  

“We are counselors, role models and parental figures,” Officer Tara Coleman said. “Anything they need to succeed and that’s our ultimate goal.”  

The officers have a Mount Everest of cases. But Coleman is frequently reminded, each file represents a person of value.  

A recent trip for a cheeseburger was her confirmation.  

“She was working the drive-thru window,” Coleman said. “She pulled her mask down and smiled. I made an impact on one person. I left in tears. I was so excited for her.” 

No doubt Probation and Parole shapes lives. On occasion, they save lives too.  

Officer Ryan Nall fielded a call last week from a distraught client.  

“During the conversation she told me she wanted to end her life,” Officer Nall said. “A couple minutes later she said she was going to end her life and she was looking at the wire in her closet.”  

Nall stayed on the phone, and scribbled out a note for his partner to call 9-1-1. Enid police got there just in time to save her.  

“They were able to get her to the hospital and treated,” Coleman said. “They saved her life that day.”   

“I was glad I was able to answer the phone,” Nall said. “It’s part of our job and that’s what we are here for.”  

They are here for the stack of returning citizens, each one eager for a second chance.  

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