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Beloved ODOC employee celebrates 30 years with agency

Tuesday, January 07, 2020

TAFT, Okla. – For more than a century, Eddie Warrior has been a pathway of both restraint and opportunity. Long time employee, Helen Greer said, “At first it was for little boys who didn’t have a good home life.”

From orphanage to correctional center. Eddie Warrior became a prison in 1989, and Helen Greer has been here from the very beginning. It took some time, but she eventually learned her way around. “I went to every door and every office to learn where the phones were so I’d know where I was calling,” She said.

She’s been the beloved receptionist ever since. If you ever called the facility, chances are you talked to Helen. She fields hundreds of phone calls every day. According to Greer, “People call in and say Helen this, and Helen that. I’ve been here so long half the time I don’t even know who I’m talking to.”

Greer has seen plenty of changes over the years, some better than others. “When I first got here we had plain old typewriters,” She said. “Well, this computer is a challenge for me. It’s not my favorite tool. You have to learn to operate things before you know what you’re doing.”

Despite the occasional frustration, Helen always manages to maintain a smile.

At 81 years young, Helen might not move as quickly as she used to. Like a mail carrier, few obstacles will keep her from her daily obligations. Greer joked, “If it’s bad weather, I may not make it. They would manage.”

Helen Greer is a DOC treasure with a positive outlook on life. According to Greer, “You do your best with what you have to work with.”

She has been bringing her very best to Eddie Warrior for 30 years. Helen Greer is a ray of light, shining through the heavy clouds of incarceration.

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