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Shining the spotlight on the women of ODOC Honor Guard

Monday, March 18, 2019

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla -- Impeccable appearance, high ethical standards and strict military-style order. 

The Department of Corrections Honor Guard is an elite group of 20 men and women. ODOC employee, Stephanie Fremin said, “Women can do anything and they can definitely be a part of this team. We are lucky to have good guys to work with. 

Fremin works at Lawton Community Corrections Center. She also serves as a CPR and self-defense instructor for the agency. Fremin said, “You won’t know if you can do it until you try.” 

Sergeant Cayla Seawright is a k9 handler for the Department of Corrections. She’s also a member of the Honor Guard. Even with busy workloads, they still invest countless hours training, traveling and performing with the doc honor guard. 

They participate in cadet graduations, parades and offer compassion and respect at the funerals of colleagues. Seawright said, “That’s hard to do when you’re presenting a flag to a 4 year old child. Or a teenage daughter who will never grow up with her mom.”

It is a difficult but necessary detail. A final salute to the men and women who’ve served the great state of Oklahoma. According to Fremin, “The reason I joined and I speak for the team is to be able to honor families and give them a last glimpse, a positive glimpse of the Department of Corrections.”

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