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Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, ODOC has partnered with Securus Technologies to provide inmates two free phone calls each week while visitation was suspended. With visitation reopening, these free phone calls will continue until April 15. After April 15, phone calls will still be permitted, subject to standard rates and policies.

"Positive Polly" brings great attitude & work ethic to Probation and Parole

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

LAWTON, Okla. -- Alexander Miller is Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2019 Probation and Parole Supervisor of the Year due to her outstanding work leading the Lawton Probation and Parole Office team.

Under her dutiful supervision, the team has decreased its caseload from an average of 86 to 76 while also exhibiting outstanding morale. Additionally, she has played a pivotal role in expanding diversion programs in the Lawton area by assigning an officer to Community Sentencing. Previously, officers in the Lawton Office had no involvement with specialty courts. However, with the expansion of DOC involvement with Community Sentencing specifically, she was a catalyst by attending meetings and ensuring the right officer was selected to fit into the supervision aspect of the program.

Her contribution to the training unit has been exceptional, as well, teaching classes during the Probation and Parole Academy. She has shown excellent leadership not only in boosting her team’s morale, but also by being willing to assist other assigned areas when needed, involvement in selected committees within the division, and putting her team and community ahead of herself each day.

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