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ODOC nurse of the year has unique empathy for inmates

Thursday, November 28, 2019

ATOKA, Okla -- Since Nurse Charity Rosenthal began her career with this agency in 2012, her effort, ingenuity and devotion to inmate health care have been exceptional. She has shown this many times, including when, while preparing an inmate for a medical helicopter flight for treatment, she realized she had no “hep-locks.” Undaunted and thinking quickly, she improvised one with a tape roll and No. 10-syringe – to everyone’s astonishment. She also prayed with the inmate when she realized he was scared before the ride.  

At Howard McLeod Correctional Center, she treats inmates as patients, advocating for them and ensuring their needs are met even when she is not at work. Always helpful and decisive, her peers see her as the “lead” nurse at HMCC and listen to her advice.  

She also continues to serve as the Acting Health Administrator when called upon due to her incredible knowledge of the facility’s clinic and ability to make quick and accurate decisions. 

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