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ODOC fugitive agent has near perfect capture record

Friday, March 29, 2019

TULSA, Okla -- In only 4 years, Agent Ray Gooldy has an almost perfect capture record. Gooldy said, “4 years and I’ve cleared 267 out of 270 cases. So, that’s pretty good. The goal is to obviously to get every single one of them.”

March 22nd, the Fugitive Apprehension and Investigations Unit resumed searching for a convicted drug trafficker with gang affiliations. Montell Taylor went off the grid about 15 months ago, after failing to report to his parole officer.

This DOC team scours Oklahoma and beyond, day and night, looking for fugitives like Taylor.

They take every precaution because fugitives will do anything to avoid going back behind bars. Gooldy said, “I’ve been in two shootings. Had a guy try to run me over once. That was interesting. I thought I was a good shot until I saw a truck coming straight at me. Not too good at hitting moving targets apparently. But we got the guy in custody and he is still in prison.”

On this day -- a surprise break in our manhunt for Montell Taylor. Our Communications team was along when agents spotted his mother. The fugitive’s mom didn’t reveal her son’s exact location, but agents did gather some very encouraging leads, including a possible phone number and identity of a girlfriend.

They’ll regroup, strategize and begin looking for the next DOC fugitive. It’s a safe bet Ray Gooldy will find them all. He has a reputation of success and the retired Marine Staff Stg. never surrenders. According to Goodly, “We have to make every attempt to locate these people. Whether it’s a halfway house or escape from the state penitentiary. I treat all of them the same.“

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