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ODOC employees give the gift of life

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla -- Department of Corrections workers … lying down on the job? This actually has nothing to do with shirking responsibilities. Dedicated employees gave 30 minutes to save a life. DOC graphics designer, Kay Thompson said, “Let’s do this. Donating blood and saving lives.” 

Oklahoma Correctional Industries and Agri-Services hosted their first annual blood drive Wednesday. OCI employee Kimberly Scott said, “I’ve given blood before. I’m O- so I help when I can.” 

Dozens of ODOC staffers rolled up their sleeves. There were first timers and veteran donors, like Public Information Manager Matt Elliott. “I’ve given several times but not recently. I’m type O+, I’m POSITIVE.” 

The need is great. The Oklahoma Blood Institute tries to keep at least a 3 day supply on the shelves in the event of emergencies like natural disasters. 

A decision to donate one pint can save several lives when the blood is separated into its components. 

David Crawford with OBI said, “When you look at it as saving three lives, there are also family who are glad that family member received blood. It can be hundreds of people by one donation.” 

Correctional officer, Thurmesha Winston-Kirkendoll knows first how the value of blood donation. She said, “I’m giving today because I believe in blood transfusions. And my daughter used to receive them once a month for 15 years.” 

Donors received a complimentary t-shirt and free lunch. 

A full stomach and fuller heat, knowing they’ve given the most precious gift anyone can give — the gift of life. 

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