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ODOC Bond Update: 15 facilities to get new perimeter roads

Saturday, April 06, 2019

LARC getting new perimeter roadAll of our facilities have perimeter roads that our security staff must patrol regularly. 

Calling some of these roads “roads” may be a bit of a stretch – because they are notoriously terrible. 

One wrong turn down one of those roads can be hundreds of dollars in repairs to a state vehicle. Some are completely impassable in the rain. 

Thanks to last year’s $116.5 million bond issue, we’re replacing perimeter roads at 15 facilities, from our Administrative location in Oklahoma City all the way down to Oklahoma State Reformatory in Granite – with Oklahoma State Penitentiary, Dick Conner, Eddie Warrior, Howard McCleod, Jess Dunn, Jackie Brannon and more correctional centers in between. 

Here, you can see the work being done at Lexington Assessment & Reception Center in Lexington, where every male inmate goes before being sent to their home facilities in our system.

These new roads will go miles toward cutting down on our vehicle repair costs, helping ensure the agency remains an excellent steward of taxpayer dollars.

LARC getting new perimeter road

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