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New Agri-Services foals need a name

Thursday, August 15, 2019

VINITA, Okla. -- There are few things as magnificent as life unfolding right before your eyes. This foal is one of several born at Northeast Oklahoma Correctional Center in Vinita. 

The Equine Breeding and Training Program was launched several years ago with rescued horses. Farm Manager Kenny Kays said, "One thing or another they were getting too old to ride to really work, so we started putting them in this program. It’s working quite well." 

Department of Corrections inmates are hand picked to help care for, break and train the horses. According to Kays,"I try to give them a chance if they got the “want to” to do it. There’s no idle hands here. They ride they two years olds every day and do a good job of it too." 

All the horses are ultimately put to good use working Agri-Services’ cattle operations. 

Since the inception of the equine program – more than 50 foals have been born here. And frankly – we are running out of names. Kays joked, "They’ll get names sooner or later."  

5 colts and one filly are eager for a majestic moniker. Ace to Zeus or anything between, we desperately need your ideas for our growing DOC family.  

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