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Meet the ODOC 2019 Employee of the Year

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Barbie Rounsaville is Oklahoma Department of Corrections 2019 Employee of the Year for her impressive ability to build a positive working environment, incredible passion for inmates with intense mental health needs, and dedication to helping staff find solutions to issues. 

As the unit manager at the mental health unit at Joseph Harp Correctional Center for much of the year, she has demonstrated an outstanding ability for team building supervising four case managers as well as between the different disciplines working in the unit. She works closely with the clinical coordinator, security supervisors for the unit, medical staff and administration to ensure good communication regarding inmate concerns, security concerns, medical concerns, and maintenance and other physical plant issues that arise. 

Her solution-focused leadership style helps identify issues early and provides ways to solve problems often involving staff members with the expertise to work through issues. She exercises that same unique quality to identify staff who may be struggling with the intense level of responsibility on the unit, providing support and encouragement and notifying their supervisor when outside her chain of command. 

As the third unit manager in this position since the number of inmates MHU houses nearly doubled two years ago, she accepted the position understanding its intense challenges. Her communications skills, attention to a positive work environment and compassion for all makes her the perfect person for the job and an exceptional example to others. 

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