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Maintenance team at LARC saves DOC $1.5 million

Monday, November 25, 2019

LEXINGTON, Okla. -- 2019 has been a challenge to most facility maintenance crews at ODOC. The state legislature provided $116.5 million in bond funds to repair the agency’s crumpling infrastructure. While many facilities are benefiting from a variety of projects, none perhaps more so than Lexington Assessment and Reception Center where Michael Vanschuyver and Butch Francis work as a team in construction maintenance. 

These two worked together efficiently and effectively through their completion of multiple large-scale projects, including installing a new staff parking lot and a new heating and air systems to replace an extremely outdated unit. Their hands-on approach to these projects and many others has helped save the agency more than $1.5 million over the years. 

While Michael and Butch’s work on bond projects is exemplary, their day-to-day maintenance duties that ensure a smooth-running facility never suffered. They worked together to make sure the UpKeep program was run and managed well, despite having less time to dedicated to it. 

Their ability to work well together and your exemplary work ethic are proud examples of the agency’s dedication to serving the state. 

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