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LARC staff and inmates honor 911 victims and heroes

Thursday, September 12, 2019

LEXINGTON, Okla.-- In every big city and every small town -- even behind prison wire, it is impossible to forget the attack on America 18 years ago. 

Wednesday morning, staff members and inmates at Lexington Assessment and Receiving Center paused to honor the victims.  Inmate Christopher Young said, "There are no words to really express what you're seeing when you see something of that magnitude."  

The inmates comprise Post 5, a military veterans group established several years ago at LARC. The men, who represent every branch of the armed forces, held a flag ceremony to recognize the men and women who are still fighting for our freedom nearly two decades since the 911 attacks.  

These men may wear orange, but they hold the red, white and blue close to their hearts.  "We are all here accused of doing something but that doesn't negate the fact that we love this country. We love this nation and we respect those who made the ultimate sacrifice," Inmate Delbert Johnson said. 

LT. Tina Spencer leads these veterans group and said, "They really valued their time in the military and honoring the victims and heroes of 911 is very important to them." 

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