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Former inmate uses T-shirt cannon to fire contraband into prison

Monday, June 24, 2019

SAYRE, OK -- Prison contraband is nothing new. Every year – the Oklahoma Department of Corrections confiscates a stockpile of illegal items -- potato skins to pot, shanks to cell phones, we have seen it all. Public Information Manager, Matt Elliott said, “When you have that demand you’re going to have people try to meet it. They go through whatever means they can to do it, because they get paid, usually.” 

The most recent attempt happened at North Fork Correctional Center in Sayre. Prison surveillance footage shows a man, using a t-shirt cannon to shoot contraband over the barbed wire. Warden Jimmy Martin said, “We have seen him run across that field. He shot it above both of those fences and onto this yard. It landed right back there.” 

Alert prison staff intercepted the package – which contained tobacco, marijuana, tools and lighters. 

DOC officials say the contraband was intended for North Fork inmate, Preston Plum. His wife, Kalee Christensen and former inmate Jeremy Bacquet were arrested and booked into the Beckham County Jail. According to Elliott, “What they don’t realize is we watch those perimeters very closely. We see items flying over the fence, it’s going to stand out.” 

This is the second attempt to smuggle in contraband at North Fork using a T-shirt cannon in recent months. 

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