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Firearms training officer assists crash victims

Thursday, December 05, 2019

NEWALLA, Okla. -- On Oct. 16, 2018, CO Robbie Hicks was headed back from Joseph Harp Correctional Center’s firing range when he saw the aftermath of a violent wreck between two vehicles on South Dobbs Road near Newalla. Instead of driving past the scene and leaving the collision for first responders, he stopped and approached the crash.

Once at the site, Robbie took control of the situation, first identifying himself as a correctional officer and then instructing bystanders to call 911. One driver had gotten out of her mangled vehicle and was walking around the scene. He calmly spoke with her, determined she had no signs of injury and moved her safely off the road. In the second vehicle, he discovered a woman in the driver’s seat bleeding profusely. He pried open the door and helped her from the vehicle, administering first aid until police and medics could arrive.

His quick thinking and decisive action that day brought calm to the scene and first aid to the injured driver. His approach to the emergency situation that day exemplifies all the characteristics the agency values among our corrections professionals.

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