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DOC volunteer gives 50-plus years to prison ministry

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

TAFT, Okla -- Henry Petree has spent the last 50 years in prison, not as an inmate -- but as a volunteer.  

History created his destiny.  According to Petree, "I kind of got sideways. Got out there doing some things I shouldn’t have been doing. The only difference between me and the guys in here is they got caught and I didn’t. If it hadn’t been for God’s grace I’d be in here. And so I’ve been paying it forward every since." 

Henry has invested thousands of hours into the lives of criminal offenders. He facilitates educational and faith-based classes at three Oklahoma prisons.  

Mr. Petree has recruited church members and former inmates to expand his prison ministry. Hundreds of men and women have been baptized behind bars.   

Henry Petree willingly sacrifices himself in hopes of saving lives.  Like a pebble in a pond, his impact is never-ending. Petree said, "When you influence the lady or man, they may have a dozen people they influence. So if you can help him to get it and change his life then we have no clue how many generations that will reach out to. Maybe we’ll know one of these days but not any time soon." 

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