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Department of Corrections seeks hundreds of new correctional officers

Thursday, August 08, 2019

OKLAHOMA, Okla. -- Resignations and retirement are creating plenty of opportunities for anyone seeking a satisfying, adrenaline fueled, family friendly career in corrections. 

The Oklahoma Department of Corrections hopes to lure hundreds of qualified candidates to each of the agency’s Oklahoma prisons. 

State lawmakers just approved a sizable monthly salary bump for correctional officers. That-- coupled with an excellent benefits package and retirement plan are attractive incentives for fresh, new talent. CO Christopher Chapa said, “The compensation, the rewards of the job, plus the money, the benefits, those are hard to beat.” 

The job goes beyond keeping order and enforcing rules. Officer help rehabilitate and counsel offenders. According to correctional officer Thurmesha Winston-Kirkendoll,”I chose the Department of Corrections for many reasons. I’ve always been one to help people.” 

New cadets can choose from nearly 2 dozen facilities to work. And there is boundless opportunity to advance for loyal, hardworking officers. Lieutenant Vikki Mays Vikki said, “I came to North Fork where I was promoted to sergeant. A few months later I promoted to lieutenant. The opportunity to progress and grow is amazing up here.” 

There is nothing routine about working in corrections. Officers assess and receive new inmates, transport felons, search for contraband, supervise inmate activities and oversee a vast prison population. 

Regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or education, the Oklahoma Department of Corrections wants you! New CO Donald Walker said, “Here, we are all brothers and sisters in blue. We don’t see races and backgrounds. If they are in blue we got their back. They’ve got ours.” 

This job is not for the fragile. But career opportunity awaits those who are tough, dedicated and eager to serve and protect. 

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