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Chainsaw sculptures raise money "fore" ODOC golf tournament

Saturday, April 13, 2019

MCALESTER, Okla -- There is a virtual forest of old trees around Jackie Brannon Correctional Center. Rather than discard them, an inmate gives every branch and tree stump a second life. According to Warden Greg Breslin, “We don’t let anything go to waste.”

Warden Breslin provided the artist with the time and tools needed to create something of value. He’s carved dozens of unique sculptures for charity. Breslin said, “He’s very excited about what he gets to do and that he gets to put back into the community and help the different charities that we do.”

These wooden statutes will be part of a silent auction for the 27th annual Department of Corrections C.A.R.E. Charity Golf Classic.

$65.00 covers the green fee, cart, meals and trophies! Money will be distributed into communities to help finance prosocial events for our most precious resource – Oklahoma children. JHCC Warden and avid golfer, Carl Bear said, “That money goes to non-profit organizations that instill value and trust and morals into kids. It’s a way for that organization to reach out to kids to give them a better opportunity.”

The motto is this.

Caring about the problem of crime and incarceration.

Accepting responsibility to do something about it.

Responding to the need.

And educating the public on what part they can play in breaking the cycle of crime, violence, and drug use.

The Department of Corrections cares about Oklahoma and we invite you to invest in children. Our future depends on it.

For registration information, please email

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