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Bond project update - new water softeners for LARC and JHCC

Saturday, March 23, 2019

ODOC recently installed new water softeners through its bond project

Last year, state lawmakers passed a $116.5 bond issue authorizing the Oklahoma Department of Corrections to bond out repairs, improvements and other needed projects at its 24 facilities across the state. 

With 91 current projects stretched across the state, a big part of those needed improvements include major facility infrastructure projects, as well as physical plant updates like water softeners, sewer lines, new plumbing and boilers. One recently completed effort installed new water softeners at Lexington Assessment and Reception Center and Joseph Harp Correctional Center. 

The facilities use wells to provide more than 2,700 inmates water every day. Unfortunately, the water is so mineralized (hard) that for every 1 million gallons of water used, more than 140 pounds of “undissolved solids” would get deposited in our pipes. 

That means these new softeners are key to preventing major plumbing problems at these facilities, and helping maintain each’s systems for future use.

All told, these two softeners cost nearly $100,000 with all their supplies. But they will help us preserve the new domestic hot/cold water lines, chilled/heating water loops, mechanical and boiler room piping for those facilities we’re also installing through the bond.

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