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A day in the life of LARC, Lexington Assessment & Reception Center

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

LEXINGTON, Okla -- Even before the sun comes up, correctional officers get ready for the avalanche of criminal offenders.  

This is the beginning of every inmate’s journey into the Oklahoma Department of Corrections.  

4 days a week, prisoners are shuffled in and out of Lexington Assessment and Reception Center. They come from all 77 Oklahoma counties. Facility Classification Manager Caitlin Owen said, “We receive anywhere from 35 to 50 a day. And for every one we bring in from county we have to move someone out that day. Because we only have limited bed space for the inmates that arrive.”  

It’s like Grand Central Station for convicts. One correctional officer told us, “We’ve got them coming and going. Only thing we’re missing is the luggage.”  

The process starts around 6am when busloads of felons begin pulling into the prison. Correctional Security Manager Glenna Frawner said, “We transport 2,100 inmates per month. They are allowed two boxes and a duffle bag.“  

It is a lengthy process. The inmates are photographed and fingerprinted, shaved and screened, double checked for contraband and given a thorough medical assessment.

Most inmates will stay here at LARC for a week or so before being assigned and transferred to their permanent facility. Owen said, “We are reviewing all their criminal history, whether that’s one page or 80 pages worth.” 

All of this to ensure the safety and security of every inmate and ODOC staff.

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